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RVJ Facilities Services India delivers the benefits of efficiency and cost optimization through improved asset utilization, pre-empting asset failure and predictive maintenance, as well as ad-hoc projects services. We ensure the highest levels of service performance while scaling our services to projected workload and resource requirements to ensure mission critical support service, rapid turnaround times and streamlined operations.
Our fast-track mobilization capabilities enable us to accelerate the commencement of services for new contractors with enhanced integration of operations into existing assets. We address the needs of a wide variety of segment verticals for critical business sectors which include:

Housekeeping Services

Cleaning is a vast area, each requiring a different set of skills and material. We have specialized staff for the purpose and our senior management team also keep a close eye on every required activities to smooth the cleaning process for our clients.

Our cleaning services : -

Floor scrubbing: For small areas, we use manual scrubbing and for areas that are large, and open to public, we use Floor Scrubber Machine to give a tidy look.
Granite polishing: We use Single Disk Machine to give a shining granite floor that will keep your visitors mesmerized.
Blinds cleaning: We use different techniques to clean as per the requirements of premises, like dusting using feather duster, web-cobs using feather brush, wiping using gloves, vacuuming, washing hanging blinds, or completely removing them for the deep wash. Cleaning of carpet, chairs and sofas can cause a huge mess and wasted time if not done appropriately. We make sure to use the right technique like – using suitable chemical shampooing.

Facade cleaning

We do façade cleaning with proper safety equipment’s Although Facade cleaning might seem simple, other than the men hanging high; so we follow all the safety precautions and give pocket friendly service to the clients. We discuss all the aspects with the clients and do our best.

Automated Cleaning

For small, confined areas, or areas that don’t have much public activity, manual cleaning works fine. But if the area is large, or it is under constant feet, cleaning with machines is a good option. They are faster, and are able to remove the dirt and stain even when the area has many people roaming about; and they don't make much noise too.
Some of the options are:
Walk behind scrubber When your floors require frequent, thorough and hygienic scrubbing, Stand-on and Walk-behind scrubbers are able to clean large facilities with tight corners, obstructed spaces and hard floor surfaces giving that neat floor people will keep walking on.
Carpet Extractors These are great for maintaining a healthy carpet. These can be hand-held or portable spot extractors to perform interim and deep cleaning. Different models are suitable for cleaning companies, hotels, offices, banks, malls.
Vacuum Cleaners These come in very large varieties, from backpack to heavy-duty and varying powers. Depending on your need, we give you the recommendations. The highest power is not always the best for you.

Integrated Support Functions

Office spaces are hives of activity that need careful oversight and management of all different parts. The support functions range from cleaning, to garden management, generator room maintenance, and much more. Getting these facilities from different vendors, coordination among them and managing of all the functions can be very challenging and unproductive. We offer one stop solution for you by consolidating all these services under one roof. If you need all the services, or just one service, we can do it.
We offer : -

  • Supervisors
  • Housekeeping
  • Horticulture
  • Office boys
  • Pantry Management
  • And the list is growing as per client’s special needs

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